The most innovative advertising solution available today!
Advertising / Branding

Flatheads attract ATTENTION to your brand by displaying your video advertising content on a huge 32 inch high definition flatscreen TV that rests on top of a huge 7 foot tall, inflatable Super Hero costume (With a LIVE human being inside) that can be custom made with YOUR LOGO and information!

Point of Sale Ticketing

Flatheads always work in teams of two. One Flathead Operator and another Team Member for Ticket Sales, Data Collection and Security. We can integrate into ANY ticket selling system and sell attraction tickets ANYWHERE!

Sporting Events

Flatheads are perfect for Professional Sport ticket sales in arenas and stadiums. Along with selling “on the spot” season and event tickets, Flatheads can advertise for local Sponsors, Vendors and also serve as a message delivery device.

Conventions / Exhibit Halls

If you want to attract attention to your Convention Booth or Exhibit Hall space, a Flathead is sure to turn heads in your direction. In addition to interacting with conventioneers, Flatheads can Collect Data and Sales Leads via the Chest iPad or additional Flathead Team Member iPad as well as distribute your literature!

Flathead in Action!


Flathead Ads is a revolution in advertising…
The most innovative physical advertising solution available today!

The only ad display platform in the world to uniquely combine digital, interactive, and human elements – bringing advertisers additional opportunity through a completely new channel!

Digital: Fully functioning, high definition display screen atop every Flathead Ads module.

Interactive: Through an ipad on every Flathead Ads module for consumers to instantly respond to your offers! Human: Every Flathead Ads module is operated by a real (obscured) human, ensuring a great experience for your prospects and customers.

  • DIgital
  • Interactive
  • Human

Our Team

The People Who Make Flathead Ads Amazing!
Ron Feingold
President / CEO
Bob Coen
Tom Spruce
Ticket Integration Specialist
Lora Feingold

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